This is our contribution to PIDA 2019. Our construction and idea won the jury's honorary award.
Packaging Impact Design Award is an international competition arranged by BillerudKorsnäs together with leading design colleges. For many people in the packaging business PIDA is a big inspiration and for us who arrange the competition this is an important initiative to challenge conventional packaging design.

The key word is sustainability. How will a sustainable package look 2030? Create a sustainable, innovative and functional packaging concept that differs from the conventional solutions we see in the stores and in e-commerce today. Use a fictitious brand and create a functional and unique experience.​​​​​​

We chose to work in the beauty segment when we identified a problem we wanted to solve. In make-up packaging in particular, a great deal of plastic is used that is thrown away and never reused. We wanted to take advantage of this so we created Re make up. A make-up palette completely created in cardboard with interchangeable eye shadows and powder cans. The entire palette is recyclable and reusable. Hence our slogan re make up: refill (the make-up) reuse (the packaging), restore (the earth).
The construction is built with a layer upon layer technology where we stacked cardboard and punched out holes where the makeup is put. 
Group project, my role was project leader, concept creator and designer.

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