Packaging project in collaboration with Arta plast. Create a package for a snack on the go and apply a suitable design. Think about where the snack will be consumed and think about the environmental aspect of it.
The key word in this project was research. To find a packaging material and a product, we needed to gather as much information about consumer behavior and renewable materials as possible. Prior to this, we did extensive market research to see what problems arise when eating a snack on the go. We also wanted to find a way to get away from the increased use of plastic.
The result was Gurt, a vegan coconut yoghurt with muesli completely created in renewable materials that can be recycled as it is.The construction is built so that the muesli and yoghurt are separated and when eaten, you pour muslin into the yoghurt compartment. The lid has an integrated spoon and the packaging is resealable, which makes it easier if you want to put it back in the bag. We also came up with a deposit system where you get your money back every time you recycle, in this way we encourage the product to be recycled.
In terms of design, we wanted to work with clear, eye-catching colors that stood out on the shelf compared to similar products. The logo is inspired by the happy 50s and should be easy to read from a distance.
Group school project, my main role was designer. 
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