Create a series of products for any pharmacy that must clearly reflect the selected pharmacy's graphic profile and the packaging must be in a clear series.

I quickly decided that I wanted to work with something a little different and controversial; sex toys. I asked myself the question "how can we break the stigma around sex toys and make this something more accessible to the common man?". Based on this, I then chose a team and we started brainstorming ideas.
The feeling we wanted to convey was playfulness, ease and transparency. How could we translate these values ​​into a package design? obviously, through fruit! Fruit has always been linked to sex in a playful way, so we wanted to take advantage of this. By adding a designated fruit to a selected sex toy, we made the packaging more accessible to everyone and helped brake taboo around sex.

In the pictures below you see:
1. Minivibrator = wild strawberry
2. Peach = sex for men
3. Banana = dildo
4. Apple peel = condoms
5. Passion fruit = lubricant
This was a group assignment in school and my role was concept creator and project manager. I also designed all of the advertising.
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